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Ski lessons

our vision

The essence of sport is physical and mental health, so this is also our primary concern during ski lessons.

We only teach what we think is healthy and what we do ourselves. 

Ski lessons are effective if we treat them as joint work.


The movement develops in your nervous system, you can discover your own motion for yourself. 

We see where you are, where you should improve, and where you got stuck, and we build situations and processes in such a way that you find your own solutions. We give you tips and ideas and we introduce movements you didn't know before. We help you get out of your comfort zone to learn something new. 
But our mind is not your mind, our moving experiences are not yours. We are not military officers, we don't force you to do anything, but we help you get to know and develop yourself.

We are happy to teach you together with your family, during which we can deal with all members of the family. Children and adults, parents and even grandparents can enjoy the fun of skiing together in safe conditions. Even several families can get together (friends) to reduce costs.

We are also happy to ski with groups of friends. If there is a large group of people who want to enjoy themselves together in the mountains in winter,   we are happy to help, even with guided tours. We show you the best pubs on the ski resort, where the team can get together even more.

In our own camps, we try to keep the number of groups 6 people at most.

We teach at any skill level, we can give useful thoughts to professionals and competitors, but we also have many returning advanced skier friends.

For complete beginners, we recommend that you take your first steps at home, on a plastic slope, or on an endless slope (running carpet). 

The camps are in Kaprun (Austria), at the times shown below, but can also be found on Facebook. 

There are 2×2 hours of ski lessons a day in the camps, and then, if needed, in the afternoon we can have a calm conversation about the experiences on the slopes (on the slopes we ski rather than talk), and watch the videos. 

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