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oZone - Your Zone

Your body, your movement. Do you pay attention to the details in your apartment and wardrobe?
Then pay attention to your movements too! You can change apartments, buy new clothes, but you carry your body with you forever and cannot replace it.
If you take care of it, take care of it, it will accompany you for a long time, in good health. 
Every move affects you, the bad and the good.

We help you to make your movements harmonious, your own, conscious and healthy. With the help of fixing the joints and core muscles, you can learn a healthier and more stable skiing from us.

Feel free to contact us for a training plan or skiing lessons on snow and plastic slopes!

The oZone  team

Ski lessons?  What for?

Many people learn to ski on their own, or friends teach them in a few days at a party ski camp. Where the evening program is spent drinking, and the next morning is spent sobering up and surviving, and all of this leaves its mark on the years to come. How much better is it to enjoy the day with the help of a qualified ski instructor? 
The majority of people overcombine their skiing, so they put in a lot of unnecessary twisting and pulling, when they are not only ineffective, but also generally harmful to health. The members of the oZone team represent easy and healthy skiing, which can be learned relatively quickly. More emphasis is placed on the basic school, as it determines the subsequent skiing experience and stability. Since their passion is skiing, their enthusiasm is boundless, so they want to learn and improve in everything. Feel free to contact the team members with questions.

The first steps accompany us throughout our lives, the mistakes of the first steps always return, and good foundations smooth the way. In order to ski, you have to learn to drive, look around, and turn, all with a healthy posture and reflexes. It is not enough to slide on a snow plow or stop on flat terrain. Moreover, whoever learned this at the beginning will have a lot of problems later. 
The Ozone team is a believer in learning to ski in a carefully structured way (SKI CULT StrongBase ™ methodology), with good posture and controlling speed with turns. 
If someone started skiing on plastic slopes (especially if they were trained with good methods), they will do better on snow. 
We undertake the education of children on plastic pitches and the further education of children who learned on plastic pitches on snow. 

Family skiing usually means that the children are admitted to ski lessons, while the parents ski freely until then. After a few years, the children will slow down at their parents' pace, and you don't have to wait until they are teenagers. Surely a well-rounded kid will already leave his parents in a hurry at the age of 7-8, even though he would still need plenty of supervision. 
The good news for parents is that skiing with a ski instructor is not boring at all, and learning is valuable and not boring. The parents enjoy the day, the children too, and everyone develops.

And the miracle itself: parents and children can learn together. In fact, it is not only possible, but also useful. Together, they learn the customs and traffic on the slopes, the parents see and experience the process in which the children develop, they see what the instructor asks and teaches the children, so later on skiing together, they can educate the children on these. The end result is happiness when the family learns to ski and drive together, the slow ones speed up, the fast ones learn to ski in a controlled manner and enjoy it too. 

Skiing with friends
Private ski camp for groups of friends

The sports community is an experience, as is skiing. Attending a ski school camp is great, but many people don't go. We asked the reasons, and many people say that they prefer to go with their friends to the place of their choice. There is one shortcoming: skiing lessons are omitted, or they are forced to enroll the children in the local ski school, only there who knows who and what is teaching them.

More and more such groups of friends come to us to ask if we would like to undertake ski lessons on friendly skiing, and we are happy to take part in this. 

Children also receive high-level, controlled education (on the professional basis of SKI CULT - skiculture), and so do adults. Interestingly, different skill levels are not usually a disadvantage, the preparation of the octotonics solves this problem in such small groups, so that everyone gets the skills they need and friends can still ski together. 

From the team, Ozsi has been in the thick of the ski industry for a long time, as a ski instructor, coach of the demo teams, and as an expert. Research and development are part of his everyday life, he is one of the few ski instructors who can see into the movements of the most professionals and can add to them. 

Starting this year, we will start ski technical trainings open to anyone, and if there is sufficient interest, we even welcome people from abroad (for this reason, we have the possibility that these trainings take place in English). 

How to be more stable, more accurate, achieve a larger edge angle, better timing, improve your short swing, etc., many topics will arise in these camps. 

oZone Skiing: síelés, síoktatás, síiskola, edzés - Ozsváth Miklós

Professional ski coach, ski instructor, professional vice president of ISE


Austrian Landes Snow Sports Instructor

"Learning to ski and move is one of the best things, it's fascinating. I can never stop, progress is the greatest pleasure. It is even more important to help others.
Since we've been skiing like this ... my knees and back don't hurt. Whatever the conditions, I can ski without a problem ... and I enjoy it to no end.”

Yes, I understand... Yes, how... I still don't understand why it's not like that... And it's easier this way... It's much safer... The feedback of a satisfied guest is one of the most important indicators of a ski instructor, that they are on a common good path, correct, healthy movement and safe teaches skiing. I invite all fellow athletes who want to learn to ski to this trip. I don't know jokes in jokes, I don't know impossible in skiing and ski lessons!


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