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oZone Workout conditioning exercises

As long as the restrictions due to the epidemic are in place, physical activity for the sake of our health cannot stop, only the circumstances change. In the form of online personal training , with subscription training support or a Stay Active! Stay at home! we can continue to be active in community training sessions.

One way or another, before we start training, we need to know where we are starting from and where we are going. 

Before the training sessions, we will discuss what goals you want to train with, and then we will perform a health assessment to know which areas to focus on. 

The survey

The condition assessment is mainly carried out during natural movements. We will look at the functions of your body, e.g. while standing, walking, squatting. 
We assess where there are narrowed ranges of motion, weak, shortened or overactive muscles, incorrect or particularly harmful movement habits. 
In this case, the survey is conducted in the form of an online video conversation.

The training

Training starts with a warm-up followed by a development-strengthening phase. 

The purpose of the training is primarily to develop the correct movement structure, develop the necessary strength, and increase mobility. 

Correct execution is the focus, because tasks with a heavy load, but performed incorrectly, cause more harm than good. 
Often, we will ask you to do the exercises in a more relaxed position, but with a demanding execution, so that your muscles get used to the correct movement structure.

If you want to push yourself, if the burned calories are floating in front of your eyes, look for another training! Here, correct movement and precise execution will be the guiding thread.

For skiers and those returning from injury, we adapt the tasks to serve these goals more precisely. 

(We train in the Arena Törökbálin  training room.)  There are currently _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5cf58d_options for online personal training or subscription training support.


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