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Skiing and ski lessons
Skienergie in room 


Get ready for the ski season!

In the Skienergie room, we develop the basic posture and deal with the front position. We improve posture, joint fixation, and stable edge position.

Skienergie is an excellent tool for learning to ski for beginners and for advanced players to improve. You will gain confidence and self-confidence thanks to the high number of repetitions.

Anyone can apply, from beginners to professionals!

The classes take place in Székesfehérvár, in the Skienergie hall in CosmoSport, and in the hall in Budapest.

We provide skis on site! We can also provide ski boots, but it is worth practicing in your own ski boots.  

Our watch types:

Private lesson: HUF 15,900. Monthly pass: HUF 49,500

There is no one else but you and the instructor, so we only pay attention to you.

Group (family) class: HUF 19,900. Family pass: HUF 62,500.

You can also come for a class with a group of friends or your family. Here, it is up to you whether there are 2, 3 or 4 people on the mat at the same time.

Practice lesson / training: HUF 6,000/person

If you are alone, but would like to join others, come to our practice class. However, you can only apply here for fixed dates.


Course: HUF 60,000/person

10 suitable ski courses at beginner level. Complete beginners can learn the basics of skiing, so they will be able to progress much faster when skiing on snow for the first time. We also recommend it to advanced students for improving the basics, practicing and training.    

Pass purchase :

Application:  +36 70 337 4779

I'm interested in the details! Call me back or write! 

We will be in touch soon!

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