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12 Week Ski Prep Workout Program - OzoneSki Fit

The drill/exercise inventory

The 2023 version of the OzoneSki Fit's inventory consists of sixty-one special drills targeting six primary - in skiing essential - complexes of the human locomotor system:

  • Anterior (kinetic) chain.

  • Posterior (kinetic) chain.

  • Hip stabilizers.

  • Pelvic (tilt) stabilizers.

  • Lower body, squat.

  • Upper body.

All the exercises challenge mind-muscle control in the first place, but they affect endurance or strength, too.

They are ideal for everyday people as a primary workout program. For those who do some training regularly, it is a perfect tool to improve movement quality and learn the skiing-specific movement elements.

OzoneSki Fit Ski Prep Workouts Exercise Inventory
OzoneSki Fit Drill/Exercise Inventory

The drills in every group build on each other from simple forms to more challenging and complex versions.

The workouts

One workout consists of four drills in three series (except for the intensive program, which has double sessions with eight exercises).

The exercises in the workouts come from different exercise groups intending to activate multiple functions.

OzoneSki Fit Ski Prep Workout Plan  - Workout Design
OzonesSKi Fit - Workout Design

The workouts build on each other in the two starter programs (3/7 Starter and 7/7 Starter). At the beginning of the program, the workouts contain simple drills to help you learn the most critical aspects. Later, they consist of the even more complex forms of the exercises.

The Programs

The 2023 version of the OzoneSki Fit contains four programs: two starters and two advanced. All the programs are twelve weeks long.

The high-quality implementation of the movements is necessary to build proper mind-muscle connections and good motion routines.

The main goal of the first period is to learn each exercise correctly.

Starter Programs

The starter programs aim to get to know and work out the movement elements.

  • 3/7 Starter.

  • 7/7 Starter.

The 3/7 Starter Program works as a "Showcase". Each workout comes once, one by one, gradually. You can try the exercises, some of them many times.

We recommend it to those who do not lead an active life and have little time.

Of course, trying the exercises will not result in the proper quality of movement, but it is more than nothing. For those who don't exercise, it can make a noticeable difference. It will help to activate the body to a certain extent.

You can accomplish the starter program in a shorter period when you would like to move on to the advanced programs sooner. When you do workouts every day from the 3/7 Starter program, it takes less than six weeks. In case of two workouts in a day, you can start an advanced program in two and a half weeks.

The 7/7 Starter Program repeats the workouts several times within a week. Within a week, the workouts are at the same complexity.

Daily workouts help build the habits of activity in everyday life. It is much more than a "Showcase"; it will result in more noticeable progress.

OzoneSki Fit Ski Prep Workout Plan Starter Programs
OzoneSki Fit Workout Starter Programs

Advanced Programs

The design of the advanced programs assumes the knowledge of the drills in the inventory. We will use the exercises during the advanced twelve weeks to improve the skills.

The workouts each week are a mix of exercises. The simple and complex workouts work together. The simple sets help recall the basic movement forms and focus on the details. With complex forms, we can adapt the basic blocks in more realistic situations.

In terms of intensity, the advanced program is similar to the 7x7 starter program, but the complexity changes daily.

In the intensive program, every workout contains eight drills in three series. Four exercises are selected from the simpler ones; four can be more complex.

This is the version where you can experience the best progress.

OzoneSki Fit Ski Prep Workout Plan Advanced Programs
OzoneSki Fit Workout Advanced Programs


There is no rule that the starter programs must be completed in twelve weeks; you can compress them into a shorter period based on your schedule and progress to an advanced program earlier.

You can do it daily and finish in six weeks or two daily workouts for 2 1/2 weeks.

OzoneSki Fit Ski Prep Workout Plan Rapid Schedule
OzoneSki Fit Rapid Schedule


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