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OzoneSki Fit - workout program

  • 12-week modular workout plan

  • 3 workout versions per week (36 versions)

  • 15-20 minutes one workout

  • At-home workouts

  • Simple pieces of equipment

  • Exact descriptions, photos, videos

  • Every day schedule options

  • Mobility, smart movement, proper posture

  • Strength

  • Neuromuscular development

  • Prevention

  • Pre-Ski workout program with benefits for non-skiers

Training plans are often like New Year's resolutions.

After the big decision and the initial jump, the motivation decreases until it dies completely.

It is also understandable because it is not easy to find new empty slots in a busy calendar.

Although physical activity is a basic requirement for health, moreover for the enjoyment and safety of skiing. 

If we want to achieve tangible results, physical activity must become a habit that permeates our everyday life. 

If you are not a pro athlete, you just want to live better. Your real goal is not performance, endurance, or brute force. 


The most important thing is the proper use of your body. Let's develop smart and refined movements for ourselves.

You got a chance to be healthier 365 times a year.

You can learn to use your body better 365 times.

You can use this chance 365 times.

Or you can lose it every day and will never get it back again. 

You focus on the quality of a movement for a maximum of half an hour. After that, we can only pay attention to the load and the repetitions, how complete the training. 

Pro athletes are often injured because of this: quality often takes a backseat to performance.

The other factor is practice, repetition. 

We spend 24 hours seven times a week with bad posture and incorrect movement habits.

You can fix it by reminding yourself of the proper movements every day.

A valutaárfolyamok miatt tájékoztató árak. 
A végleges ár az online fizetés során látható.

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