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OzoneSki Fit workout program - manual



1st set

you don't need 

full range of motion

full intensity

1 week

min 3 workouts

ideal daily workouts

fanatic: 2-3 times a day

1 workout = 4 exercise × 3 sets

15-20 minutes

1 workout


hart rate

3rd set

the most important set

highest level of focus

Ski Fit Workout Excercise Legend.png
  • Click on the image to open the page for the exercise

  • The exercise code is the nickname, it helps to search for

  • You can see which workout of which week. This is how you can search in the workout program plan too

  • Choose the number of repetitions according to your fitness level. X means as much as you can do

  • You can creatively replace the equipment with another one

  • Each exercise can be performed in four parts (Timing). The time of the four parts is approx. in seconds.
    X means explosively at max speed.

If you are not in training

  • You'll be able to move the next day too because you won't have terrible muscle fever.

  • You gradually get into physical activity. You don't even realize, as you move more and more fluent.

  • Perfect dryland training to prepare for the ski season.

If you already do workouts

  • Continue everything as you have been doing. 

  • It is complementary to your usual workouts.

  • Primarily, movement coordination, awareness, and mobility are developed.

  • You can insert these workouts in your warm-up.

Never underestimate easy tasks

If an exercise is easy, you can pay more attention to the proper form

Give a chance to your weaknesses

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Self-confidence and success come from our strengths.

Always prioritize what works the least to be strong! 

Form the proper movements into everyday habits

  • Training should not be an appointment, but an everyday activity such as pouring a cup of tea.  

  • Accumulate better activation by doing exercises regularly to build up an automatic routine.

Strive for perfection

  • Quality is over quantity

  • You can learn the proper movements if you are aware of the details

  • If you get tired, you lose quality. You will practice the failures

The number of high-quality reps is the Holy Grail 

  • Learning the proper form of the movements can be done with a large number of repetitions. 

  • You can perform one exercise 30 times in one workout session. Try to focus 30 times!

Full focus

  • Choose one or two points for each exercise and focus on them permanently!

  • A good practice is to watch all exercises in a mirror or project from a phone to a TV. 

You can do the miracle, but a training plan can't

  • You will only own the result for which you have done the work yourself.

  • Every missed day is a missed chance. 

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